What is Safe-mail Storage Plus?
Safe-mail Storage Plus allows you to upgrade your free Safe-mail account from 3MB up to 5GB! So now you can store more messages and files and keep large attachments without having to delete as often! You will also enjoy many more features such as:
ONLY Premium accounts which have been upgraded under our StoragePlus program have unlimited access to the aforementioned features.

More disk space

The upgrade scale for Premium (StoragePlus) accounts has been amended to give much more disk space at a lower price. This change provides you with much better value for using Safe-mail and addresses the growing need for more disk space at reduced cost.

We have also extended the scale right up to 5 gigabytes so that our heavy users can now use their Safe-mail account to archive much more of their data, and feel safe that it is protected and backed up by Safe-mail's secure servers. Whatever your needs are, Safe-mail will take care of you.
Band Disk space Annual Charge
Bronze 75MB $25
Silver 150MB $35
Ruby 375MB $60
Emerald 750MB $95
Gold 1.2GB $140
Platinum 2.5GB $240
Diamond 5GB $450

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Even greater security than ever

Premium accounts now have additional security. This means that nobody including all Safe-mail staff will be able to enter a user's account to read the content. Premium account holders should be aware however, that under this upgraded security system, there is absolutely no possibility of recovering any lost or forgotten passwords by us.
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Backup and disaster recovery service

Disaster recovery and backup is now a standard feature for Premium account customers. This means that in the event of a total loss of the servers due to a large scale disaster, service will be resumed from a remote backup server.

In such an event, the loss of any data will be confined to the period following the previous backup which would be not more than 24 hours.

Malfunctions such as power loss, disk crash and temporary connection interrupts are contained within the system and do not initiate the disaster recovery system.
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S/MIME capability

Premium account users may acquire a digital certificate for S/MIME capability. Users with a digital certificate can securely and freely communicate with non-Safe Mail users who have acquired their own certificate from another provider.

The certificate that Safe-mail provides to its Premium account holders is automatically renewed each year as long as the Premium account is renewed.
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SafeBox functionality

SafeBox allows Safe-mail users to send secure email to non Safe-mail users. The non-Safe-mail recipient receives a notification from the Safe-mail sender that a secure message is awaiting retrieval at a secure site.
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