Tue Jun 30 10:21:40 EDT 2015
Attention all users:
We would like to apologize for the last system failure and explain what was the cause and how we intend to avoid these problems.
We do understand the frustration and disappointment of our users. One goal of Safe-mail.net is availability at any time. We failed to deliver all-time availability.
As a relatively small group that only exists from user payments, we especially thank all our Premium users.

What is the current status of the Safe-mail.net system?
About 85% of our users should be fully operational and hundreds are restored every minute. There is no data loss though it is possible that messages sent to Safe-mail.net users were returned or are lost. Some messages were received after delay.

What was the reason for this failure?
An unexpected technical failure caused the whole system to be unavailable during most of Sunday, 28th of June. Once the problem was resolved, some users data was not ready immediately, and they should be recovered. The process of recovering will continue until all users data will be restored. We expect to finish during Thursday, 2nd of July.
New hardware and software will be installed during the coming few weeks in order to enhance system stability.

Safe-mail is the most secure, easy to use communication system. It includes encrypted mail system with collaboration features and document storage functions. Always accessible at any time from anywhere!
3 Mb space is free. More space and functionality is supplied under Premium Packages. There are no advertisements, downloads or cookies. Safe-mail supports most hardware platforms and any operating system. Includes file storage, spam filters and anti virus protection. Full compatibility with most browsers, email clients and all relevant protocols including POP, SMTP, IMAP, S/MIME and PKI.

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Safe-mail is designed to provide maximum security and privacy without any complexity. Banks, law firms, health care, accountants and similar professional organizations will not provide security unless requested by you! Remember, your information is yours only. Your privacy is at risk when you communicate. Do not do business with any of the above unless your valuable information is protected!